Kate embarking on a new chapter

8th March 2012. Dr Kate Granger and her husband Chris Pointon pictured at home in East Ardsley, near Wakefield.
8th March 2012. Dr Kate Granger and her husband Chris Pointon pictured at home in East Ardsley, near Wakefield.

A DOCTOR who turned her experiences of cancer treatment into a book to help medical professionals deal with patients in a more sympathetic way, is now working on a second book telling the story of her life since making the huge decision to cease treatment at the end of last year.

Kate Granger, 30, has raised £14,000 for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre in Leeds through sales of her first book, The Other Side.

Now the registrar in elderly medicine who is still putting in shifts at Pinderfields Hospital, is writing a sequel, The Bright Side.

Kate, who lives in East Ardsley with her husband Chris Pointon, said: “I have been bitten by the authoring bug.

“A lot of people told me the first book ended too abruptly and they wanted a sequel so I have given in to popular demand and hope to finish it in the next couple of months.

“This one is about living with a terminal illness and staying positive, about its impact on me as a doctor and about how it has changed my practices.”

Kate fell ill while on holiday in the United States last summer.

Back home it was found she has a desmoplastic small round cell tumour, a rare and aggressive form of cancer that usually affects children and teenagers.

After five months of chemotherapy at the Yorkshire Cancer Centre and having realised that the cancer had spread to her liver and bones, she decided to stop treatment on New Year’s Eve.

When the Observer & Advertiser talked to her in April, she described how the last four months had been “amazing” as she had lived life to the full.

She went back to work three days a week, not willing to stop doing a job that brought her such pleasure, and was working through a “bucket list” of things she wanted to do.

There were romantic trips to Paris, a stay at the London Savoy, a glider flight, and she and her husband renewed their wedding vows in a ceremony at the Black Horse Inn near Brighouse where, surrounded by friends and family, they celebrated their love and danced until 1am.

Now she can add becoming reluctantly famous to her bucket list.

“It’s all got a bit out of hand!” Kate said, “I’m going to be on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday (today), I was on Calendar last week and was in the Daily Mail as well.”

To buy a copy of her first book, either for a Kindle or a hardcopy, visit her website www.theothersidestory.co.uk