Leeds City Council candidate statements: Ardsley and Robin Hood

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We’ve invited each of the candidates hoping to represent Ardsley and Robin Hood on Leeds City Council to tell us why they deserve your vote on May 7.

Jack Dunn (Labour)

As a councillor, my philosophy has always been that we are elected by the people for the people. I am a councillor 24 hours per day, not Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm, because problems which constituents have do not come in office hours and I am on hand whenever I am needed. I am a strong believer that we need our bus services taking back under local authority control, only then will the bus operators will serve the passengers as they should instead of their shareholders. I am a strong advocator for the cruel and heartless Bedroom Tax to be abolished. I have been alongside residents in our ward, defending proposed developments on our local green space such as Church Fields East Ardsley and the Tingley station site. I have also been alongside residents of West Ardsley to fend off a would-be development on the West Ardsley Reservoir site, which is their local beauty spot. I am a great believer that our young people should have a part to play in local democracy and I’m pleased that a youth council has now been established. I am greatly encouraged that the Labour group in Leeds has been active in setting up a scheme for apprentices - it is vital that we find employment for the our school leavers, they are our economic future. I am aware that new homes have to be provided, but I am against creating new communities that are not sustainable. We need more schools and local medical centres. Our local highways are already feeling the pressure of new developments, not least local road junctions. I support local senior citizens groups in any way I can because we should all ensure no one is left isolated in their own homes. We are part of a great city which is recognised as a Northern Power House, created by a partnership forged by Leeds City Council and big businesses. We should have the right to retain the wealth created, which would allow the city to invest in the things which would make the city even greater. I am mindful there are things I cannot change, but that has never stopped me from trying. I am a people’s candidate.

David Daniel (UK Independence Party)

I think this election is our last chance to save our country, by voting UKIP. We are the only party who wishes to be free again, the others are content to be governed by Brussels/Berlin. The EU affects all our lives in a bad way, especially with unlimited immigration, Britain hasn’t the space for mass immigration. Brits abroad support themselves. It’s criminal the other parties making promises with no idea how to pay for them. UKIP is honest by cutting overseas aid, stopping the £55 million plus daily to the EU, no to the HS2 idiocy, reducing the £18 billion green taxes etc. I have lived in the ward since 1989. I am former deputy leader of the west Yorkshire County Council, (3rd largest council in Britain). If elected I will hold surgeries. How much is wasted? Brussels have never balanced their books yet, if you or I did that, we would be jailed. Another disgrace. So please vote David Daniel, the man you can trust, the man who gets things done, vote UKIP.

Timothy Adam Atkin (Conservative Party)

Why am I standing ? Councillors should be helping you, your families, your local needs and problems. Like you, I’ve suffered from LCC’s heavy taxes and certain decision making just as much as anyone. I’m standing to champion you

because “enough is enough is enough”. How will I help ? By pressuring to improve:

• Planning & Development.

• Promoting businesses & social groups

• Refuse collection and fly tipping.

• Roads, pavements & potholes.

• Littering, animal mess and worse.

Via my award­winning local small business, I listen; ascertain facts and provide solutions that work to aid the people consulting me. This stands me in excellent stead to help you with your issues. What will I do ? I’m local, visiting is easy. Saying that, social media is used by many. I’ve provided a Ward website, e­mail, mobile, Twitter account, Linked­In page and Facebook pages to raise issues and promote local matters as well as local surgeries or 1­1 meetings to discuss matters personally. Getting in touch will NEVER have been so easy for you. I can’t do it without you and your buy­in, this is a joint effort. It’s TIMe for change!

Victoria Bishop-Rowe (Liberal Democrats)

No statement suppled.

Jude Omidiran (Green Party)

No statement suppled.