Leeds City Council candidate statements: Morley North

We’ve invited each of the candidates hoping to represent Morley North on Leeds City Council to tell us why they deserve your vote on May 7.

Bob Gettings (Morley Borough Independents)

As the current MBI councillor representing Morley North Ward serving Drighlington, Gildersome, Churwell and Morley - I have worked hard to serve the community. I work closely with Drighlington and Gildersome Parish Councils and with Morley Town Council as well as with local action groups and Environmental project groups. I actively support the Gildersome Scarecrow Festival and I am the chairman of the St George and Morley Literature Festivals. This demonstrates my commitment to the ward. I have lived and worked in Morley all my life having taught at two of Morley’s High schools. The well-being of everyone living in my ward is my major focus, ensuring the quality of life is improved and that we continue to live in a caring and supportive community. As children’s champion I have been proactive in working with and supporting schools and children’s centres. We successfully fought Leeds City Council’s proposed expansion of Cottingley Springs Travellers Site and continue to campaign to prevent the loss of Morley greenfield sites as we maintain that brown field sites should be built on first. Working with my MBI colleagues Robert Finnigan and Tom Leadley we have delivered more affordable housing, more new jobs and apprenticeships and lower crime levels by consistently backing Morley Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Mark Sewards (Labour Party)

I grew up in Morley, attending Churwell Primary and Morley Academy, before heading to Leeds University where I was President of the Students’ Union. I now live and work for a bank in the local area. This election is a chance to give your verdict on the Tory-led Government, but it’s also an opportunity to determine who represents you and your family locally for the next four years. I have already shown that I will stand up for Morley when it matters most. I led the online campaign which enabled residents to register their opposition to the proposed traveller site at Morley Station. I also want a brownfield-first policy in Morley to protect our green belt from development. Labour-run Leeds City Council, not the Morley Borough Independents, has protected key services across Morley. Labour has ensured both Morley’s children’s centres remain open, maintained elderly care and kept funding for PCSOs. I want to ensure that Morley, Gildersome and Drighlington have an effective councillor. By electing me, you’ll have someone who fights for the services that you rely on, who protects the green belt from development and who always ensures that Morley has a strong voice on Leeds City Council.

Samuel Stead (UK Independence Party)

I strongly believe these elections could be a significant turning point: We can stand against the establishment who are liars, thieves and murderers. Save this country. Vote UKIP. They are liars because they have broken their promises to give us the chance to vote to leave the EU which is a political union of 28 European countries, preventing there grand delusion of a single European super state. They are thieves because they steal taxpayers money by giving it to their buddies; the EU and the bailed out banks who obviously support being part of the EU. This was under Labour and Tories. They are murderers because they kill millions of people in foreign countries in the name of freedom and democracy such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. Sovereign nations which did nothing to us and were doing fine before our politically correct psychopaths intervened against these ‘bad’ governments. They make things worse for humanity, using our money for war. There is no difference between these two parties, Labour and Conservative. The prestitute media are fearful of UKIP, because we have common sense policies on economic and foreign policy. They let the powerful minority off free, while trampling on the citizens for minor offences. Help us get rid of these losers. Vote UKIP.

Peter Richard Andrews (Liberal Democrats)

No statement supplied.

Karen Cussons (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition)

I am standing in Morley South for TUSC (Trade Union Socialist Coalition) Leeds to give voters the chance to elect a party who care about the many, not the few, a living wage, ending the bedroom tax, scrapping zero hours contracts, a full programme of council house building, our priorities are endless because ordinary people have been marginalised by a system designed to keep the wealth with the wealthiest. The need for foodbanks should be a temporary answer to a growing problem, but are now what capitalism calls the ‘big society’. Repeated cuts within the health and social care systems have brought these services to breaking point, and action needs to be taken immediately to deal with this, and restore confidence in the welfare system. In addition, our young people should be able to take advantage of all the educational opportunities available, without the worry of tuition fees leaving them with huge debts to repay before they have even commenced their working lives. With the wealth divide getting wider each day it is time that the better off in our society contributed accordingly, so that money is available to fund essential services.

Deborah Fenney (Green Party)

No statement suppled.

Sophie Ann Tempest (Conservative Party)

No statement suppled.