Leeds family’s distress over dog mess on mum’s grave

Lynn Haigh at Bruntcliffe Cemetery in Leeds.
Lynn Haigh at Bruntcliffe Cemetery in Leeds.

A woman was devastated and disgusted when she found dog mess had been left on her mother’s grave.

Lynn Haigh is sick of irresponsible dog walkers showing no regard for the people buried in Bruntcliffe Cemetery and their families by allowing their pets to foul on graves.

She said: “It is so distressing to find dog mess on graves. It’s so upsetting to see – my mum’s in there.

“If it was their parents inside the grave I’m sure they would be just as upset.

“When people walk their dogs they must know they have done it.

“They’re hurting people and it’s just disgusting.”

She said during her visit a woman walking a dog, who was not responsible for the mess, noticed her distress and helped her to clean it off.

Lynn, from Morley, added that many dog walkers were responsible and that she always cleaned up after her own pet.

But she said a number of owners were ruining it and showing complete disregard for others.

She said: “It’s upsetting to think they are in a place where they are supposed to have respect but people have no respect if they can allow their dog to do that.”

She said people who fail to make sure their dogs behave appropriately should be fined and the money returned to look after the upkeep of the cemetery.

Lynn, 54, said CCTV would help with the problem at the cemetery.

But she felt it was unlikely such measures would be taken due to the lack of funds available to cash-strapped Leeds City Council, which runs the cemetery.

She said she also noticed a lack of police community support officers on patrol compared to the number in previous years.

Fines of £75 can be issued if a dog owner fails to pick up after their pet and is caught.

A Leeds City Council spokeswoman said: “Dog fouling isn’t pleasant in any location, but it is particularly upsetting if occurring in cemeteries.”

Cemeteries in Leeds are subject to dog control orders, meaning dogs must be kept on a lead.

If anyone is caught breaching these orders or caught failing to pick up after their dog, they will be issued with a fixed penalty notice.

A council spokeswoman said: “We’d urge people to not only pick up after their pets, but to abide by the dog control orders.”