Leeds thugs punched and kicked doorman who ejected them from pub

Three thugs have been locked up after they were caught on camera punching and kicking a doorman outside a Leeds pub.

James Glassford, Jordan Williamson and David Gough were captured on CCTV as they carried out the violent assault outside the Slip Inn, Morley, on March 17 this year.

David McGough

David McGough

Leeds Crown Court heard the three defendants turned violent after the doorman asked a group of men to leave when he saw evidence of drug taking in the pub toilets.

Richard Walters, prosecuting, said he became suspicious after he saw a group of six men go into the toilets together.

He followed them into the toilets and saw one man holding a bag of white powder.

The prosecutor said it was not suggested any of the defendants were responsible for the drugs.

James Glassford

James Glassford

He said: "As soon as they were asked to leave the group became aggressive.

"The man with the bag said 'shall we go take this outside'."

The doorman went back out into the bar area in the hope of getting help from colleagues and other people in the bar.

He told the men they had to leave and led them outside.

Jordan Williamson

Jordan Williamson

Mr Walters said Glassford punched the doorman in the face without warning, knocking him unconscious.

There was "pushing and shoving" between people outside the pub, on Albion Street, before Williamson kicked the doorman to the head as he was on the ground.

The doorman tried to get up but was then punched by McGough.

The three defendants ran off but were stopped by police a short time later.

Glassford was abusive to one officer who slipped and fell in the snow during a struggle.

As Glassford was arrested he said to the officer: "I hope you die of cancer."

The prosecutor said the doorman suffered a gash to his mouth which needed 23 stitches. He also suffered a cut to his eye.

All three men pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding. Glassford also pleaded guilty to resisting arrest.

Glassford, 24, of Fairfax Close, Seacroft, and Williamson,19, of Lower Grange Crescent, Belle Isle, were both jailed for two years.

McGough, 27, of East Grange View, Belle Isle, was jailed for two years, three months.

Junde Penelope Belcher said: "All of you used violence to a man who was presenting no threat to you at all.

"it was gratuitous violence and it was plainly alcohol-fuelled."

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