LETTER: Merging with Scots is naive

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Even before the dust has settled from the latest Westminster elections and the Scottish Independence Referendum, the silly season has emerged with a vengeance.

Some 40,000 people have signed up online in support of a merger between northern England and an independent Scotland. The new border would be drawn on a line drawn between the mouth of the Humber and the river Dee. The number has evidently grown since the Conservatives gained overall control of the government, apparently driven by a somewhat paranoid view of the north-south divide.
Though there is clearly a problem with the imbalance of treatment between London and the Home Counties, and the old industrial heartland of the North, this has already been recognised and is being addressed. To suggest that the answer is a political merger with an independent Scotland is naivety beyond belief. When Nigel Farage attempted to apply his democratic right to speak in Scotland, he was hounded out by the bully boys from the far left of the nationalist support, ably supported by Alex Salmond’s refusal to acknowledge their existence. It is ironic that their screams of racist conveniently ignored their own deep seated hatred of the English – a classic example of double standards. 
Sadly, there are now many examples of English folk living in Scotland having to suffer openly racist harassment. 
To those who think a merger with Scotland is a good idea I would say, “beware of what you wish for”.

Lindon Dove

Woodkirk Grove