Letter - More bins to help walkers

WE have have been walking our dogs at Ardsley Reservoir since Yorkshire Water put a path round it and opened it to the public, getting on for 20 years ago.

Along with the vast majority of dog walkers, cyclists, joggers and general walkers who use it, we all appreciate Yorkshire Water allowing us to enjoy the beautiful amenity.

There have never been dog waste bins around the reservoir and that is still true today. The only bin is a general waste bin almost on Haigh Moor Road, put in when the car park was made some five or so years ago. Two weeks ago in the very hot weather, this bin was overflowing and surrounded by a mountain of dog waste bags.

This proves that most dog walkers would use the bins if they were provided.

The installation and regular emptying of half a dozen bins around the reservoir would be a nice gesture by Yorkshire Water, especially considering the high water rates that we all pay.

Although I have seen the very occasional dog waste bag in a tree, I’ve not seen as many as in the photograph, and definitely not near a bin.

I can only assume that when they are put in a tree, it is because a dog walker plans to collect it later and bin it, after their walk, but forgets where they put it.

Jeremy Spillane

Hesketh Lane