LETTER: Traffic load will devastate the area

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We are writing to bring to your attention the very dire traffic situation which will arise from the recent planning decision to build extensive industrial units between Gildersome and Morley.

The communities of Gildersome and Morley and surrounding towns in West Yorkshire are going to be killed by traffic strangulation as a result of a decision by the planning committee in Leeds. The plan is for a distribution depot between Gelderd Road and Asquith Avenue in Morley, with no fewer than 80 loading bays. The resulting traffic would entail 80 outward heavy vehicle journeys and 80 inward journeys for returning vehicles, and presumably, a similar number of journeys bringing goods to the depot – a total of 320 journeys per day onto the already overcrowded roads. Each vehicle would require something like 100 metres of road space, which equates to some 32 kms of additional traffic every day. In addition, a considerable number of other industrial units are planned for this site, bringing with them an estimated 1,500 employees. This means a potential additional traffic load of 1,500 cars. Yet more traffic kilometres! This traffic load will not only devastate Morley and Gildersome, but will inevitably be transferred to all neighbouring towns, particulary Leeds and Bradford, and also Spen Valley and Wakefield. The motorways, M62, M1 and M621 will also become clogged as a result of this volume of traffic. There will be problems in taking children to school, in shopping within the communities, and also for urgent journeys for fire, ambulance and police vehicles. Pupils from a number of schools in the immediate area will also be at risk during thier journeys to and from school. It is quite evident that this is an impossible situation. The planning decision has caused dismay in this locality, but there can be no doubt that the effects will also create chaos in a much wider area.

T A Gomersal & Carol Oliver

Kenilworth Gardens,