LETTER: We won’t ever let them be forgotten

The lives of the men whose names are inscribed on Morley War Memorial are being researched by the volunteers of Morley Community Archives.
The lives of the men whose names are inscribed on Morley War Memorial are being researched by the volunteers of Morley Community Archives.

Thank you for giving so much publicity to the series of occasions in which the beginning of World War One and its effect on Morley have been commemorated.
I do want to make some points with you if I may. 
Quite rightly you say that the men who died in the conflict must not be forgotten. 
Let me assure you that we at Morley Community Archives, Morley Local History Society and other groups involved in this commemoration are determined that this shall not happen.
At the Community Archives we have done a considerable amount of research into the lives of the men named on the memorial in Scatcherd Park. 
There were 452 men (not 453 as is commonly thought) named there originally and others have been added later.We have already collected detailed information on over 430 of these poor fellows, showing how, when and where they died besides biographical data of their lives in Morley before the war.
We do plan to fully publish this information in due course but, in the meantime, we will be pleased to deal with any queries or information which your readers may wish to send us. 
This can be either by personal contact through Morley Public Library or through our website(www.morleyarchives.org.uk).
It is a challenging, testing task. We have come across many heart-breaking stories and have great difficulty in understanding how Morley coped.
Just imagine - in a town of around 20,000 inhabitants, 3,500 of its young men fought in this awful conflict.
 So, around one in eight of them died and many who returned were permanently disabled, both physically and mentally. Morley played only a small, if valiant, part in the overall war effort but we feel, like yourselves, that the present generation of Morleians should have a clear idea of the dreadful way this ‘War to end all Wars’ affected the town.

(Dr) Clive McManus

Morley Community Archives, Morley Local History Society, Morley Local History Society

mbi move

This is about equality, not politics

My letter re the Morley Borough Independent councillors having to leave Morley Town Hall has nothing to do with me being a member of the Labour Party. 
It is about equality and every other town council within the Leeds area have their offices in the Civic Hall. That being the case why should MBI councillors be treated any differently to all the other town council and independents.
I am not against the MBIs or anyone else who works hard for the benefit of Morley, I am more than happy to work with any political party or groups who want to improve Morley.Many will have seen me praise the MBIs when they have done a good job for Morley and will continue to do so if and when they do what is right and help the town.
Coun Finnigan needs to understand this is about equality and not party politics.

David Speight

Bradford Road, Tingley

housing plan

Yet another unsuitable application

Barratt’s are proposing to build another 115 houses plus offices on green field land off Scott Lane, Bruntcliffe Road, in Morley.
Another unsustainable development for Morley. Barratt’s are holding a public exhibition on Thursday August 7 from 4pm-7pm at St Andrew’s Community Hall, St Andrew’s Avenue. Morley.
We urge the local community to go along and look at just what Barratt’s are proposing to build. This meeting will give people an opportunity to put their views and opinions to Barratt’s. 
We have been told many times by Leeds City Council that they have no money to fight these unsustainable developments and yet they have found enough public money to pay a barrister in their fight to extend the travellers site at Cottingley Springs. 
Do Leeds expect us to believe that no other site could be found in the whole of the Leeds area? Where would this travellers site go if Morley had a Labour council?

Mr and Mrs Guy

MARC (Morley Against Reckless Construction)