LETTERS: College closure bad news for Morley

Joseph Priestley College, Peel Street, Morley
Joseph Priestley College, Peel Street, Morley

The closure of the Joseph Priestly campus of Leeds City College is bad news for Morley.

The courses delivered at this campus are invaluable to many people in our town so the news that they are at risk is incredibly disappointing.

It’s important to remember that the £11 million funding cut to the college has not been made by Leeds City Council but by the Tory government who seem hell­bent on decimating further education provision right across the country.

I was pleased to read in Andrea Jenkyns’s column that she shares some of my concerns and has met with the college and some of the people who will be affected by the closure. While this is good to hear, we must remember that it is Andrea’s party which has made these drastic cuts to further education in the first place. Considering our MP is a member of the governing party in

Parliament, we should be demanding more from her on this important issue.

I’d like to see Andrea challenging David Cameron about the decision to make these devastating cuts and standing up for those people in our town who use the college campus.

Unfortunately there’s very little local people can do to protect the campus from closure, we can however put pressure on our MP to raise this issue with her boss in No 10.

After all, the Tories are the only ones with the power to reverse these cuts and protect the young and adult learners who rely on these courses

Mark Sewards

Elland Road, Churwell