Lost Christmas presents found in Morley street

Christmas presents found in Morley
Christmas presents found in Morley

Following on from the season of goodwill, an honest Morley woman is searching for the owners of Christmas presents which she found in the road.

Mandy Hemsley was driving along Corporation Street towards Bruntcliffe on Christmas Day when she spotted a carrier bag in the road.

She said: “We stopped to move it to the pavement edge but noticed it contained gifts, a dolls bed and pillow plus play feeding items, a book, new clothing, an opened card and money wallet, Matchmakers and another sealed money wallet with a girl’s name on.”

Good Samaritan Mrs Hemsley took the items home to wash them and to track down the owner of the gifts.

“I have had no success so far. I don’t want a grand gesture, I just want to give it to the right person.”

This is her last attempt at finding out who the bag belongs to before handing it in at Morley Police Station.

If it is your bag or you know who it belongs to, please contact Mrs Hemsley on ae_p@hotmail.com.