Lotto winners in trip to pantomime

AFTER winning a six-figure sum on the National Lottery most people would be planning a trip to the Caribbean. Not Steve and Dawn Wright – the only trip on their mind was to Morley Rugby Club's panto!

The couple, who haven’t missed the club’s annual adult panto in years, refused to make an exception despite scooping 104,577.

Steve and Dawn matched five numbers and the bonus ball on an online ticket in the draw on Saturday, March 14.

Steve, 49, who is originally from Batley, said: “I checked my e-mails at midnight on Sunday and couldn’t believe my luck, so I called Dawn and my son Dalton to the computer to check I wasn’t seeing things.

“I just hoped that I would wake up on Monday morning and it would still be real.”

The family, who now live in Heckmondwike, were presented with their winnings at Morley Rugby Club last Thursday.

They plan to celebrate with a holiday to Turkey, and will be spending some of the leftover cash on a new convertible car.

The family have been playing the lottery since 2001 with a combination of family birthdays and lucky dips.

In the previous week’s draw, they had matched three numbers to win 10.

Steve said: “It just goes to show that your luck doesn’t run out after one win, we’ll definitely be playing our regular numbers and a lucky dip again this week – you just never know, we might go one better.”