Low rating for six Morley takeaways

Room for improvement: Hong Kong Chef on Wide Lane.
Room for improvement: Hong Kong Chef on Wide Lane.

A total of six takeaways and restaurants in Morley have been given a one out of five hygiene rating in the past year, the Observer can reveal.

The verdicts are delivered by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), which regularly inspects food outlets.

The FSA scale goes from zero to five, with those achieving a grade of five judged to be the safest, cleanest and best.

Although 28 eateries in Leeds were given a bottom grade ‘zero’ rating, none of these are in Morley but seven outlets in our town were handed the ‘one’ rating, meaning “major improvement” is necessary.

China Orchid on Britannia Road, Hong Kong Chef on Wide Lane, Jeera Restaurant on Queen Street and Morley Chinese Takeaway on Fountain Street were all named by the FSA as falling short of good food hygiene standards. Amaans Kitchen on Chapel Hill and Saffron Desi on Dawson Hill completed the list.

The owner of Amaans Kitchen, who gave his name as Mr Hussain, attributed the FSA rating to an administrative error and re-tiling work that was taking place at the time.

“The reason was we didn’t have the paperwork in place and we had workmen working in our cellar at the time, but it didn’t affect the standard of the food,” he said.

A spokesperson for the FSA said: “The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme tells people about the hygiene standards in food outlets at the time they are inspected by local authorities. This is important because it allows them to choose those businesses that have a good hygiene rating and avoid those that don’t meet the grade.”

The figures and ratings are based the inspections which curently appear on the FSA website and are accurate at the time of writing, though they are regularly updated.

Staff from the other five outlets declined to comment when approached by the Observer and Advertiser.