Major roadworks to support Leeds White Rose centre expansion scheme

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A raft of roadworks has been signed off to help deal with increased traffic flow from a shopping centre expansion project.

Leeds City Council granted planning permission in 2014 for redevelopment work at the White Rose Shopping Centre.

And now highways bosses have signed of £354,000 of works to deal with expected increased traffic at the already busy Arlington roundabout. The cost is made up of £310,000 for the works and £44,000 for staff fees.

A report just approved by senior council highways officers says the roadworks are required to enable the development to proceed. The works will be carried out by the council at the developer’s cost.

The project will include widening of the eastern Ring Road arm, the creation of a ghost island and other associated work.

A new council report confirming the project sign-off says: “Highway works are required to mitigate the effect of the traffic associated with the development at the Arlington Roundabout on adjacent roads [and] to ensure that the predicted additional traffic generated by the development does not have a detrimental effect on the safe operation of the Arlington roundabout.”