Market fishmongers to close after 67 years

Bentley's Fishmongers in Morley Market closing down.
Bentley's Fishmongers in Morley Market closing down.

A long-standing fishmongering business which has proudly traded at Morley Market for 67 years is to close.

F Bentley and Son will sell its last haddock later this month before packing up and dissolving the business at the end of November.

David Bentley, who inherited the trade from his father and grandfather and who has worked on the stall himself for 33 years, says he has been left with no alternative as sales decline.

He said: “It’s a ghost market now. Footfall’s been falling for some time and no-one seems to want to come in these days.

“I’m the only fishmonger in the market so you’d think I’d be doing all right, but unfortunately not.

“We can’t set up anywhere else because all of what we have here is purpose built. It would cost you that much to build facilities in like this somewhere else it’s not worth it.

Mr Bentley said that competition from supermarket chains was one of the contributing factors to the business’ demise.

David Wilson, manager of Morley Market said that the decision had been a shock and was “incredibly sad news”.

“Dave is a real perfectionist at what he does and his customer service is second to none,” he said.

“It’s really tough for traders at the moment, not just in the market but everywhere.

“The unit and the facilities that are on his stall were specially designed by Dave’s dad and it would be difficult to pick that up and take it elsewhere. It’s a shame because he’s an all round nice guy.”