Measures to cut speeding in Morley and Drighlington

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Monitoring devices are being installed in South Leeds as part of plans to cut speeding in the area.

Morley Town Council has agreed to fund new speed monitoring devices on roads in Morley and Drighlington.

The speed indication devices (SIDS) will be installed on Whitehall Road in Drighlington and Scotchman Lane in Morley.

It comes after concerns were raised about motorists speeding in both areas.

Coun Robert Finnigan said: “I am delighted money has been found for additional devices to cover Whitehall Road in Drighlington and Scotchman Lane in Morley.

“Both are locations that have suffered from speeding problems and the introduction of these devices has shown to have a positive impact on slowing vehicles down.”

Similar SID devices had previously been installed in parts of Gildersome and Drighlington.

The devices record and relay the speed which vehicles are travelling at.

They display a green message if the vehicle is travelling under the speed limit, and a red message if it is exceeded.

Coun Judith Elliott said: “The devices not only provide instant feedback to motorists but also have a well-documented impact on reducing speeds.

“They provide a record of the speeds motorist travel at which will support future campaigns for permanent safety cameras on the worse roads.”

Coun Finnigan said similar devices are planned to be introduced on Glen Road, Scatcherd Lane and Wynyard Drive in Morley.

He said they would be financed by Community Infrastructure Levy payments from new developments in the area.