Meeting over Bruntcliffe housing estate

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Residents from Great Northern Street in Morley have met with local councillors to discuss concerns about a nearby housing development.

The new homes on Fountain Street have provoked worries about the impact on traffic, speeding and the pressure on local amenities.

The meeting was attended by Planning and Highways officers. Several suggestions were made by residents, including the introduction of a permit system, blocking off one end of the street and reducing the speed limit.

Coun Shirley Varley, who organised the meeting, said: “It was clear from speaking to residents that they had a lot of legitimate concerns that need addressing. The new development on Fountain Street has given us an opportunity to focus on the problems residents are having and try to deliver a plan to have these problems resolved.

“We have tasked Highways officers to undtake some surveys about the number of vehicles using the street, the speed they travel at and their final destination.”