Meeting planned for Morley ‘chuggers’ problem


Key players in Morley have arranged talks with a company that employs ‘charity muggers’ to get better regulation of their work in the town.

Morley Town Centre Management Board, supported by Morley Mayor Coun Wyn Kidger, banned street fundraisers after complaints from shoppers that they had been harassed and chased up streets.

Town events manager Rachael Kennedy said her group had arranged a meeting with Bo Concepts, the company that supplies street fundraisers, and the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association, which oversees the work that the groups do.

She said: “They will work with us on site management regulation – where their staff can work, how many of them and how often. We will come up with a solution.”

Mrs Kennedy added that the ban was mostly informal and would be difficult to strictly enforce, but that the rules would be given more clout after discussions with the regulator take place.

She down-played the work of private companies such as Talk Talk and Sky, who also try to recruit customers in the town, and said they stick to the rules.

She said: “There is a distinct difference between them. They pay different rates and we don’t want to cut that income off because it is used by Morley Town Management Board.”

Coun Kidger said she was committed to securing a better deal for shoppers and residents.

She said: “We want agreement on what they can and can’t do.”

The meeting is planned for November.