Meeting with bus chiefs over service

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Councillors have called for a meeting with bus chiefs to discuss residents’ concerns about services covering Bruntcliffe Road.

The meeting follows the Observer and Advertiser’s story last week which told of residents’ upset at the seven year wait they have had to endure to improve bus services on the Bruntcliffe Road corridor.

Coun Robert Finnigan said: “I understand the frustrations of local residents who I have been working with for many years.

“Over the past few months I have been exploring ways that development money from the new Barratt housing site on Bruntcliffe Road might be used to improve this bus service. Officers from both Leeds City Council and Metro have been looking at the practicability of this approach.”

Coun Finnigan has met with residents and independent transport consultatns over the last year to agree a plan to resolve the lack of services.

He said: “Presently we have buses covering Bruntcliffe Lane and Scotchman Lane, but the bus service along Bruntcliffe Road is inadequate for the needs of the growing community of residents, many of them older or disabled. I am hoping this new and imaginative approach might resolve this problem.”

Developers of new homes are obliged to provide development funds to improve public transport under legal agreements.

Such funds can be used to improve bus stops and shelters and also to directly improve services.

Coun Finnigan said: “I have requested a meeting this month to try and get this problem resolved. I hope with this additional funding, real progress can be made.”