Mirfield and Hopton crime report

News update...
News update...

A chainsaw, a pressure washer and a lawnmower were among the items stolen in Mirfield over the last week.

The padlock on a shed door was forced in Hurst Lane on March 22 at 10pm. A lawnmower and drill were stolen.

Hand tools were stolen from a vehicle in Huddersfield Road on March 23 at 10.45pm.

Stolen house keys were used to take computer tablets, a handbag, Vauxhall Insignia and a Peugeot 307 in Stocks Bank Road on March 24 a 10pm.

Car keys and an Audi A4 were stolen from a house in Hopton Lane, Lower Hopton on March 25 at 6.30pm.

A pressure washer was taken from a house in Sands Lane later that evening at 7pm.

Burglars removed roof tiles from a garage roof in Sands Lane to steal a chainsaw, screwdrivers and driving trophies on March 26 at 1am.

Thieves forced their way into a portable cabin and stable.

They stole power tools, a cement mixer, horse tack, rugs and a petrol power washer from Hopton Lane on March 26 at 8.45pm.

A hole was made in an asbestos wall in Oakwood Services, Hagg Lane, Lower Hopton, through which thieves stole chrome infra-red taps and a mobile toilet water pump on March 27 at 5pm.

If you have any information about these or any other crimes contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.