Mock marriage to boost wedding services

The mock wedding parade will take place on Queen Street today.
The mock wedding parade will take place on Queen Street today.

An ex-teacher has come up with a novel way of encouraging folk to use shops in Morley when preparing for their wedding – by staging a mock marriage in the town centre.

Market trader Allyson Thompson thinks that those tying the knot can buy all they need for their big day within Morley rather than venturing to outlets outside the town.

And at noon today (Saturday), she will pose as a bride in a mock service with her carer Alexander Cemer outside the town hall.

They will then proceed down the high street, delivering invitations to a “reception” at her plot on the market.

Allyson used to teach in children centres aroundMorley but decided to change jobs after a car accident.

She said: “My employers bent over backwards for me, but I didn’t feel I could give the people I was teaching 100 per cent,” she said.

“I approached the market and the manager David Wilson backed me all the way.

“This event is about people staying in the market. What people will see on the day is from Morley and Morley Market.

I’m going to be the bride and there will be a crowd as well. We’re walking up from the town hall but most of it will be done in my scooter wheelchair.”

The owner of Ally’s Floral Art and Design has kept the budget for the event to £600, using clothes from the town’s charity shops and catering donations from fellow stall holders.

The event will feature a father of the bride, Fred Clarke and bridesmaids Joe Walker and Lauren Gomersall.

There will also be a raffle for around 20 gifts, including a £100 and £45 vase by Allison herself.

Allyson wants to remind people that Morley Town Hall offers wedding services.