Morley Academy parents lobby for U-turn

Parents object to Morley Academy's social media policy
Parents object to Morley Academy's social media policy

Parents of pupils at Morley Academy are awaiting a response from the school’s hierarchy after penning a detailed letter which raised several points of concern.

The school made headlines three weeks ago, when parents reacted angrily to a notice from principal Leanne Griffiths, which stated students would miss out on school trips should their parents post derogatory comments about the school on social media.

The letter, a copy of which has been seen by The Observer, was signed by a number of parents and asked for a retraction of Ms Griffiths’ statement on school trips.

Noting the claims made by a number of parents in recent weeks that lunchbox food has been taken off some students on health grounds, the letter says: “If a parent deems that the packed lunch is a suitable lunch for their child then it is the parents’ decision, not the school’s. On top of that food taken away from children is then, potentially leaving that child hungry.”

Addressing the issue of social media the letter also says: “We agree that no parent or pupil, or indeed any individual, should make abusive or threatening remarks about another individual in any circumstances, not just on social media. “Children should categorically not be punished for the actions of their parents. Not anywhere in our society are children punished for their parents’ behaviour.”

Morley Academy did not respond to the Observer’s request for comment but it is understood the letter has been acknowledged.