Morley chip pan blazes spark warning

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A pensioner escaped serious injury after fire broke out at his Morley home caused by a chip pan.

Firefighters from Morley and Batley were called to Bruntcliffe Lane at 8.25pm on Tuesday January 27 to reports of a fire.

They found an man in his mid-80s suffering smoke inhilation and was given oxygen by fire crews. He was checked over by the ambulance service but didn’t need to go to hospital.

The fire was just one of three in Leeds in the matter of hours.

In another chip pan fire, a woman, toddler and baby were rescued from a house in Middleton and in Seacroft a man in his 50s suffered burns to his arm after a chip pan fire at his home.

As a result, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is now reminding people to be vigilant when using chip pans.

Area manager for Fire Safety Ian Bitcon, said: “It is a great concern to us that we have seen three chip pan fires in such a short space of time.

“Chip pans can be very dangerous as obviously the oil can reach incredibly high temperatures and if that ignites you can have a very serious fire on your hands.
“We advise that people use other methods of cooking, such as oven chips, which may also be healthier!

“However, if youstill decide to use a chip pan, never fill it more than a third full and use a temperature controlled deep-fat fryer. As ever, do not leave cooking unattended, even for a moment.”

In the event of a fire, do not throw water on a chip pan. Have an escape route in place, don’t risk tackling it, get out and call 999.