Morley is blooming thanks to floral partnership

Shaun Mellor, Paul Robinson and Coun Robert Finnigan.
Shaun Mellor, Paul Robinson and Coun Robert Finnigan.

Morley is looking even more vibrant thanks to a new innovative floral partnership between the town council, the local business community and Instaplanta.

Instaplanta have agreed with the council to install high quality timber planters filled with an array of sustainable plants.

This unique partnership means that the council pays nothing for the planters; even the year round maintenance and plant replacement is funded by Instaplanta through the scheme.

This is possible as each planter comes fitted with two advertising panels which local businesses can use to promote their products and services in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

Coun Robert Finnigan said: “I am delighted to welcome this scheme from Instaplanta. This unique outdoor advertising opportunity helps the council support local businesses during the difficult economic climate whilst at the same time brightening up the area.

“The planters look fantastic and the fact that this initiative comes at no cost to the council made the decision to introduce this scheme very easy.”

Paul Robinson, Managing Director at Instaplanta said: “We are experiencing a lot of interest for the scheme from local businesses and we hope to be able widen planter opportunities in other areas of Morley in the near future.”

Shaun Mellor, Director of Shaun Mellor Property who advertises on one of the planters within Morley said: “There are not many opportunities for local businesses to promote their services in an outdoor capacity so when I saw the planter scheme I took advantage of this. This means that I can reach my target market whilst at the same time contribute to improving Morley’s environment – So a big thank to both the council and Instaplanta for the introduction of this scheme, it’s a timely boost that the Morley business community needs.