Morley Market to host paranormal night

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Friends of Morley Market are forming plans to host a ‘Paranormal Night’ at the town centre attraction.

The market, which opened to the public in 1888, has a plethora of history and was built above a cellar, which is now thought to be virtually inaccessible due to the cemented flooring.

The idea has been partly inspired by the mysterious presence of an orb at the market during a January night three years ago. CCTV footage of what appears to be a pale light disc floating around the premises was uploaded to YouTube and no rational explanation for its appearance has been offered since.

It is hoped that showcasing the building at night will expose a different side to the market.

David Wilson, manager of the market, said: “If we can get something like a Paranormal Night going it would certainly appeal to a different kind of demographic to what we would normally have in the market.

“Hopefully it could rekindle people’s interest in the market.”

Mr Wilson agreed that the CCTV footage would be a good starting point for generating interest.

“It’s as genuine a thing as I’ve seen and I’m as big a sceptic as you’re likely to meet but there’s no rational explanation I could offer for it. It was a perfect sphere that went through the shutter and went straight out the other side.”

Details for the event are expected to be confirmed over the coming weeks.