Morley park to get £100,000 improvement plan

Dartmouth Park, Morley
Dartmouth Park, Morley

Morley councillors and the Friends of Dartmouth Park, have confirmed that a major spending project to improve one of the town’s most popular green spaces is on track.

The £100,000 improvement plan for Dartmouth Park will look at improving the footpaths, the rose garden and the children’s play area.

Coun Judith Elliott said “We have collected contributions from developers who are legally obliged to make payments to a central green space fund when new development is undertaken.

“This has given us a pot of money we can use to improve the park.

“Additional payments will also be received from the new development on Bruntcliffe Road which will also help park improvements.”

Certain work, such as improvement of the tennis courts, has already been concluded but councillors are looking at other improvements to footways as well as considering a plan to update the children’s play area.”

Coun Shirley Varley said “We are working closely with the Friends Group to draw up a master plan to improve the park.

“It is well used by local residents but the footpaths need to be improved and the children’s play area is looking very dated. “I am pleased we have found the money to support this improvement plan.”