Morley pathway to get improvements

The pathway off Wide Lane.
The pathway off Wide Lane.

An overgrown walkway on Wide Lane is being refurbished and made safer for residents to use.

Coun Josie Jackson said that after three or four months of planning, the pathway that runs along Wide Lane, will be completely re-done with landscaping, a new wall and safety bars.
Coun Jackson said: “The lower part of the footpath will be sorted out starting on January 20.
“Letters are being sent to local residents letting them know that work is about to commence and also ask them to cut their hedges back.
“The workers will be taking out the old flags and green shrubbery that, at the moment, looks dismal.
“The path will be resurfaced all the way along and the wall will also be re-pointed and made safe.”
Coun Jackson said the old steps will also be taken out and replaced with handrails to help anyone who needs extra support.
She said: “It will take a couple of weeks to complete but it will look spectacular when it’s done.
“It looks a mess at the moment and it’s something that needs to be done. I’m very pleased work is about to start. It’s been a long time coming.”