Morley pensioners to get winter warmth

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Latest news...

A campaign to bring some winter warmth to Morley’s most vulnerable pensioners has been welcomed.

Morley councillor Shirley Varley has backed the move to bring the winter warmth packs to older residents across the greater Morley area.

The campaign, which is to be financially supported by the Outer South Area Committee, would see over 500 homes targeted with the packs which include a thermal flask, a blanket, hot water bottles and thermal clothing. The packs have been introduced in other areas and have shown to reduce the risk of hypothermia in vulnerable households.

Coun Varley said: “As the Chairman of Morley Elderly Action I know that many older people are struggling to keep themselves warm this winter.

“Along with help and advice with reducing fuel bills and support to claim all relevant benefits, Morley Elderly Action will also be distributing these packs to help pensioners in a practical way.

“It is important we do all we can to support pensioners across the greater Morley area.”

The financial support for the campaign looked set to be agreed at the Outer South Area committee meeting.