Morley Police warn homeowners to be on their guard

Car burglars are less likely to be caught
Car burglars are less likely to be caught

Lighter nights and spending more time outdoors can mean esay pickings for burglars unless we take care to keep out homes secure.

PC Chris Dibbs, of Morley Neighbourhood Policing team, said: “Crime figures for our community are low and we would like to keep it that way.

“Never leave valuables in your vehicle on offer to the would-be thief.

“Make sure you lock your doors when not in use and at night and secure your garden items away in a securable shed with a substantial lock .

“The basics go a long way to deterring the criminal.”

It only takes a minute for a burglar to enter your property and steal valuable belongings if your doors or windows are unlocked.

Officer say residents should keep doors and windows locked, even when in the house and when you get home and try to change your habits if you don’t lock your door behind you.

Police also say door chimes and burglar alarms will deter a burglar from entering your property.

PC Dibbs is also looking for help from the local community in tracing those that buy stolen property,

He said: ”Those who buy stolen goods provide a market for the criminal and encourage theft,

“Should anyone have information on those buying stolen goods I would ask that they contact me personally or my colleague PC Coates via the police non-emergency number 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.