Morley’s pigeon problem is ruffling feathers

A COUNCILLOR is appealing to people not to feed the pigeons that are causing thousands of pounds of damage to the town hall and leaving pavements slippery with droppings.

Coun Joyce Sanders said they were exploring a number of ways to deter the birds from roosting on the Victorian building but the first step was to appeal to people not to encourage them by leaving bread and seeds around Windsor Court.

She said: “They seem to think if they don’t feed them the pigeons will starve but they won’t - feeding them just means they don’t go looking for food elsewhere but stay there.”

Last summer two of the ornamented plaster ceilings in Morley Town Hall collapsed as a result of the damage caused by pigeons, landing Leeds City Council with a repair bill of thousands of pounds.

Coun Sanders said: “When they went up on the roof they found that water and the droppings had combined to become an acid which had burned holes in the roof.

“When we had torrential rain it found ways in and that led to the ceilings in the council chamber and banquetting room collapsing.

“Cornices had to be specially made and it cost a lot of money to repair.”

Coun Sanders added that as well as damaging stonework and causing a nuisance to anyone walking next to the town hall, pigeons spread disease and a build-up of their droppings could lead to insect infestations.

There is also a worry that food left out for them might attract rats.

While Coun Sanders is appealing to people’s common sense and love of Morley Town Hall, she went on to warn that leaving food in public places was classed as littering for which people could be given a £75 fixed penalty notice or be prosecuted and face a fine of up to £2,500.

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