Morley Station gets new ticket facility

Rail users have been calling for a ticket machine at Morley Station.
Rail users have been calling for a ticket machine at Morley Station.

A campaign to get a ticket machine to Morley Station has moved a big step forward after Northern Rail placed two ticket officers on the Leeds platform.

Two members of staff working for the rail operator are now positioned at the station during the morning rush hour with a portable ticket machine for passengers needing to buy before they get on their train.

The absence of ticket-purchasing facilities have long been a cause of angst amongst Morley passengers.

People who haven’t been able to pay on the train have had to queue for long periods of time to buy a ticket at Leeds Station during the busy morning hours.

Coun Terry Grayshon said that he was delighted that the campaign was making progress.

“We’ve been trying for a long time to get something like this, as the previous situation was clearly not satisfactory for passengers,” he said.

“The move makes common sense.

“This is not just a good thing for commuters but it will also help Northern Rail to gauage the correct number of passengers using Morley Station, which for a long time they’ve been unable to do.

“A ticket machine that can be used all day is now the next step for us.”

It is hoped that the extra revenue generated by the move could be reinvested back into the station.