MP to raise town’s station concerns at rail meeting

Andrea Jenkyns MP.
Andrea Jenkyns MP.

Andrea Jenkyns MP will meet the Rail Minister to discuss improving Morley’s station.

Alack of parking options and ticket sales facilities, poor disabled access and inadequate lighting are some of the issues raised by her constituents in the town.

Morley Railway Station. (250215)

Morley Railway Station. (250215)

And she will meet rail minister Paul Maynard MP in September after a planned meeting with the former brief holder Claire Perry fell through as a new government, led by Theresa May, was formed.

Ms Jenkyns said: “I’m delighted that I will get the chance to meet the new Rail Minister early in his tenure to discuss Morley station.

“After receiving feedback from my constituents, the neglect given to Morley Station by the previous Labour government is still evident, and needs to be resolved.”

When the latest meeting was organised Ms Jenkyns asked her constituents what most concerned them about the station, 49 of which responded.

Thirty two per cent would like to see parking issues solved, 28 per cent want access to be looked at, 18 per cent are concerned about being able to buy tickets and another 18 per cent want the lighting to be improved.

Access to the Huddersfield-Manchester platform can only be gained by a flight of steps, while Station Road is used by motorists as a makeshift car park due to a shortage of space.

In December 2014 campaigners were disappointed when Morley missed out on a share of a Department for Transport cash pot set aside for improving disabled access at stations. On that occasion, 26 places were granted money – only four of them in the North of England.