Mum reunited with her son’s beating heart

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The mother of a boy whose organs were donated to save lives after be died in a road accident was united with the man who was given the youngster’s heart.

Gillian Norris, of Gildersome, agreed that her son Stephen’s organs could be donated to help others after he died riding his bike in 1992.

More than 20 years on, she was tracked down by Daniel Titley, from Aberyswyth, who was told at the time that without a heart transplant he had a year to live.

Mr Titley found her with the help of ITV’s Real Stories and by searching newspaper articles.

The pair enjoyed an emotional meeting earlier this month, in which Gillian put her head to Daniel’s chest to hear her late son’s heart beating two decades on.

Mr Titley said: “It was good but sort of weird and quite emotional, especially for her as she got quite emotional.

“I said thank you, we talked about my life and his life and what he was like and what I was like before my transplant.

“I feel I’ve had some closure. We are now friends on Facebook, so hopefully we will keep in touch.”

In 1992 Mr Titley was just 11 years old and desperately ill, with severe heart problems.

He had undergone an operation at three weeks old, another when he was five, and further surgery when he was aged 10.

Doctors told him they could no longer operate on his heart, which had been defective from birth, and that he would need a new one.

But months later, the death of a 14-year-old boy in a road accident in Leeds, led to the transplant that saved Daniel’s life.

He said: “Back then I was pretty ill, I was only doing half days at school and got let out of classes early to avoid the rush.

“I could only walk 100 yards at a time and I just got very tired a lot.”