Muriel celebrates 50 years at home

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A pensioner is celebrating half a century in the same Morley home.

Muriel Worthington first moved to the town with her late husband Arthur, her mother and their dog in the late summer of 1965, after Arthur’s work commitments brought them across the Pennines from Manchester.

Mrs Worthington herself worked as a wages clerk for the Gas Board before her retirement, while her husband was a chartered accountant for a bakery.

Mrs Worthington said: “I remember the first time I saw our house, we were living in some flats around the corner and whilst I was walking the dog I saw that this house was empty. I called the housing association and they told me if we could move in by the Saturday it was ours – it was Thursday but we managed it. It was my birthday the following week and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present, I’ve been happy here ever since.”

The golden anniversary coincides with the 65th birthday of the Leeds Tenant’s Society, which first helped the Worthingtons into their home. The organisation is now part of the Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association (LYHA).

Mrs Worthington added: “There was always the chance that we’d have to move because of my husband’s job so it suited us perfectly to stay here and rent as LYHA customers. The neighbours are friendly and my friends and I go to Elderly Action in Morley Town Hall every week, which we enjoy.

“LYHA has always looked after the house and anything I’ve needed doing has been done. It’s been a happy home.”

Lisa Pickard, Chief Executive of LYHA, presented Mrs Worthington with a bouquet of flowers to mark the anniversary and said: “Mrs Worthington’s story reminds me why I am incredibly proud to work for LYHA, an association that has provided homes for 65 years now, making a positive difference to people’s lives.”