New dance hall for Morley

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An old bingo hall that stood derelict in the town centre for the best part of a decade, has been transformed into a thriving dance studio.

The building, on Queen Street was an “empty shell” for nearly eight years but after a lengthy facelift is now fit to host a number of activities.

Dance teacher Phil Blackburn, who along with his partner Estelle has rented the property from where they will run their business, Enhance the Dance, said: “It’s been a hard slog to get it to something like it is now. But we’ve got a big open space now that in many ways is multi-purpose.”

Starting in September, four-week courses in various forms of exotic dance will begin and Phil, who works at Leeds University is encouraging people from all backgrounds to find their inner jive.

“Some people can be quite embarassed moving to music,” he said. “But many people don’t realise that they can potentially find a future partner at these places, so it’s a good thing to do.”

The venue is also suitable for professionals needing space to teach music, singing or amateur dramatics.

For anyone wishing to rent the venue for teaching, or for more information, contact