New parking scheme could be introduced on congested street

King Street, Morley
King Street, Morley

A campaign to introduce a residents only parking permit scheme on a congested Morley street has been given the backing of councillors.

The campaign by people living on King Street has led to them lodging of a petition to Leeds Council, calling for the introduction of the permit only parking scheme due to problems with parking congestion, which has led to bin collections being missed due to cars blocking the narrow road.

A controlled parking scheme or zone, more commonly known as a residents parking scheme, is put place on a street or area where parking is controlled in order to help residents park their vehicles.

Resident parking schemes are provided in areas where vehicles not belonging to residents are making this difficult - which residents and councillors say is happening on King Street.

Coun Judith Elliott, who backs the campaign, said “Residents have failed to get their bins cleared on a regular basis as the bin wagon has not been able to access the street due to parking congestion.

“It is clear to anyone visiting the area that the development of so many mill buildings around King Street has meant there is not enough parking for local residents.”

Councillors have requested a full review and surveys of parking congestion around King Street and other adjacent streets to see if residents only parking permit scheme can be introduced.

Coun Shirley Varley said “The residents frustrations are entirely justified.

“We are exploring the options to resolve these problems permanently and will work closely with residents to find a workable solution.”

The written request for residents only parking will be considered by Leeds Council.