New Smartcard will make travel easy

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Latest news...

The new all in one bus and train ticket will make getting around West Yorkshire much easier from now on.

MCard is the largest smartcard scheme outside London and enables people to travel right across West Yorkshire’s bus and rail network using a single ticket.

It works by people putting money onto the card at one of the 700 payzone outlets across West Yorkshire then they will be ready to hop on a bus or train.

It is collaboration between bus and train companies and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority who have all invested in new technology which can read and record card usage on the go.

Rail companies have also adapted station gates to operate using the new smart MCards.

Sales of the MCard have already passed the £4,000 mark, meaning people are already finding it easier to use the ticket which resembles the format of the Oyster card in London.

Both bus drivers and ticket inspectors have been given extensive training as well as the shopkeepers who have payzone terminals at their shops.

With Payzone outlets opening on average over 14 and a half hours per day, Monday to Saturday and nearly 14 hours on a Sunday, transport tickets are now much more readily available to travellers throughout the region.

Chairman of West Yorkshire Ticketing Company, Richard Soper said: “We want to encourage people to use the bus and rail network in West Yorkshire and ensuring that we have the best services available and operator systems in place, means we are equipped and ready to meet with their needs.”

If the smartcard is lost or stolen it can be replaced and will help reduce the level of fraud in transport ticketing.