Notice served on Daisy Hill development

An Enforcement Notice has been served on Persimmon's  Daisy Hill development where 92 houses are in the process of being built.
An Enforcement Notice has been served on Persimmon's Daisy Hill development where 92 houses are in the process of being built.

An enforcement notice has been served on a controvertial Churwell development site following several alleged breaches of planning condition.

Leeds City Council’s Planning Services has served the notice on developer Persimmon, which is working on the former greenfield site on Daisy Hill.

The breaches have included starting work earlier than permitted, failing to follow the appropriate traffic management plan and failure to supress dust levels emanating from the site.

The council served the notice following a long campaign by Coun Robert Finnigan and local residents to get the developer to comply with the planning conditions which form part of the granted planning permission.

Coun Finnigan said “We have liaised constantly with Persimmon to comply with the obligations they have. These conditions are to make life tolerable for local residents. “I have had a series of complaints including lorries arriving at 7 am, the traffic management plan not being kept to and dust levels that leave windows and cars messed up. This is unacceptable.”

The notice is the first stage of a legal process which can end in court action and a stop notice to prevent any work taking place at the site.

Coun Finnigan said he would be elisting the help of residents to provide him with evidence needed to take the matter further, adding that Persimmon needed to be “better neighbours”.

Wayne Gradwell, managing director at Persimmon Homes West Yorkshire, said: “We can confirm that Persimmon Homes did receive a Breach of Conditions notice earlier this month and would like to apologise to local residents for any inconvenience they may have experienced as a result of work taking place at Daisy Hill.

“We will endeavour to work proactively with the local council, the ward councillors and local residents to ensure that the construction of our Daisy Hill development continues in an acceptable manner.

“As part of our remedial actions we held a meeting with our site staff and contractors earlier this week to reiterate the importance of obeying our site rules, and reminding them of the responsibilities outlined within the Construction Management Plan, which has been agreed with the council.

“Should there be any further localised issues we would ask that residents either contact our West Yorkshire office or speak to the site manager directly to allow us the opportunity to resolve matters quickly and efficiently.”