Parents want answers after baby death

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The family of a one-day old baby who died after the umbilical cord snapped during birth, is still looking for answers, an inquest heard.

Lily Adams died on August 9 last year after being born at 34 weeks at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

Parents Stephen and Nicola Adams, of Aspen Court, Tingley, believe more could have been done to prevent the death of their daughter.

Wakefield Coroners Court heard that Lily was born at Pinderfields Hospital by caesarean, doctors found her umbilical cord had snapped, causing an inadequate blood supply.

Heartbroken mum Nicola told the court she had experienced a normal pregnancy up until June 28 when several hospital appointments revealed Lily’s heartbeat had no baseline and an unusual rhythm.

Mrs Adams told the court how even though she continually expressed concern, she was discharged each time.

On August 8 she contacted Pinderfields Hospital due to experiencing contractions and was eventually admitted and a caesarian was performed. During the process, Lily lost a lot of blood due to a snapped cord and was taken to the special care baby unit.

She was later transferred by ambulance to Bradford Royal Infirmary where she remained in critical condition.

Giving evidence at the inquest, doctors said that Lily was suffering from a number of life-threatening illnesses including multi-organ failure, had very low blood pressure and had also suffered fits.

Doctors said that an earlier caesarian could have saved Lily’s life, but it could also have created problems caused by premature birth.

Despite all efforts, Lily went to palliative care and she died peacefully surrounding by her family on August 9.

Coroner David Hinchliffe recorded a narrative conclusion and passed on his condolences to the family.

Sophie Fox, a specialist medical negligence solicitor at JMW, said: “Following the inquest I will undertake my own medical negligence investigations into the care of both Nicola and Lily Adams and whether Lily’s death was an avoidable tragedy.”