Quarrying firm celebrates milestone with a bang

Directors of Morley quarrying firm Mone Brothers.
Directors of Morley quarrying firm Mone Brothers.

A Morley quarrying firm has celebrated 50 years in business with a bang.

Mone Brothers marked the milestone with a series of videos to showcase some of the firms controlled explosions.

The first of the three short films shows a major blast at the firm’s Blackhill Quarry in Bramhope, Leeds.

Different clips capture the explosion from several angles, with classical music playing in the background.

The quarry has previously been featured on ITV shows Emmerdale, Heartbeat and A Touch of Frost.

Quarry detonations are carried out to shift thousands of tonnes of rock to uncover new stone.

The firm drilled seven metres down at the quarry, through sandstone into clay, to carry out the explosion.

Director Kevin Mone said: “The large boulders from the blast are sawn for use as walling, fireplaces and other stonework features with the smaller rocks perfect for rockeries and dry stone walling.

“The remaining stone, however, is crushed for used as sand and gravel.”

The latest detonation at the quarry moved more than 10,000 tonnes of rock.

The Leeds quarry was also featured in a radio spoof during April Fools’ Day, where workers joked that gold was discovered there.

The company is based in Albert Road, Morley.