Picture House or Wiseman for new pub?

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Pub chain JD Wetherspoon has confirmed it has bought two units in Queen Street to open as a pub later this year.

As well as the former Blockbuster store, Wetherspoon completed the purchase of the premises next door, the Arthritis UK shop, on Monday.

Both units have since been boarded up by the new owners while its application for renovating both buildings goes through Leeds City Council’s planning department.

Since the announcement of the opening, Wetherspoon have been interested in suggestions as to what the pub should be called.

Dozens have emailed the Observer and Advertiser with their ideas, from local sporting personalities and historical figures to places of local interest.

The Old Picture House has been the most popular, as the building was originally a cinema.

Another idea has been to name the pub after 20th century prime minister Herbert Henry Asquith, who was born in the town.

Other names include the Wiseman, after comedy legend Ernie Wise, whose statue stands a stone’s throw away from the building; the Beryl Burton, in recognition of the town’s world champion cyclist; the Seven Hills, based on the hills Morley is built on; and the Fred Marsh or Nat Thewlis in recognition of the two champion weight lifters who both hailfrom Morley.

Sir Titus Salt, who was born in Morley and went on to put Saltaire on the map, has also proved popular.

Others include the Bobby Peel, the Mills, the Lord Dartmouth, the Weaver, the St George and the Morleian.

All the suggestions received have now been sent to JD Wetherspoon bosses who are to take them under consideration when deciding what the new addition to the town should be called.