Plan to build more bungalows for elderly

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Latest news...

Plans which would mean more bungalows being buit in Morley to meet the housing needs of elderly residents are being discussed.

It is hoped developers will build more of this kind of home to meet the housing needs of its elderly residents.

Campaigners from the Morley Against Reckless Construction (MARC) group and Morley Borough Independent councillors are meeting a local developer to propose more single storey accommodation be built in the town in the near future.

The homes would be desiged with pensioners in mind, who are currently living large family homes and want to downsize.

Coun Shirley Varley, who has arranged the meetingbetween the developer and fellow councillors, said: “We are sometimes accused of being against all new housing developments.

“But this is not the case.

“We need the right sort of development in the right places and it is clear that we need better affordable housing options for older residents who need accommodation appropriate to their needs.”