Police identify Drighlington priorities

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Latest news...

Officers from Morley Police have identified anti-social behaviour on three streets in Drighlington as one of their key priorities for the area.

PCSO Chantelle Garside and Ward Manager PC Paul Coates attended the meeting to speak with local councillors and residents. The streets, Oakwell Close, Margetson Road and Fairfax Avenue have all been earmarked as target areas for neigbourhood policing teams over the coming weeks after a PACT (Police and Communities Together) meeting was held in the village just before Christmas.

Crimes recorded since the previous meeting include five burglaries, two thefts from motor vehicles and three thefts of motor vehicles.

Two of the burglaries occurred when sheds were broken into during night time, one of which resulted in a pedal cycle being taken.

Targeting motorists parking illegally around Whitehall Road and Drighlington Primary School have also emerged as priorities in attempts to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.