Police officers in Morley will not be reduced.

Chief Supt Paul Money says there will not be a reduction of officers on the beat in Morley.
Chief Supt Paul Money says there will not be a reduction of officers on the beat in Morley.

Police officials have reassured Morley residents that the number of police officers on the streets will not be reduced.

Last week Morley councillor Robert Finnigan called Leeds City Council plans to cuts to the number of police and community support officers in the district “utter madness”.

Chief Superintendent Paul Money, Leeds District Commander, said: “I want to give the people of Morley an absolutely categoric reassurance that there is to be no reduction in visible frontline policing in their communities.

“We are grateful to Leeds City Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner for the funding they have agreed to provide to keep locally-based PCSOs in the heart of the communities they serve. The deployment of officers and police staff remains the responsibility of the Chief Constable, and he will continue to make sure our communities are safer and feel safer.”

From this week, new measures to make policing even more community focused have come into action.

Chief Supt Money said:“Our approach to neighbourhood policing is becoming even more locally focused with the creation of 33 ward-based teams for the Leeds District.

“In the Morley area this will see us building on the existing excellent work of local officers and partner agencies by putting an increased emphasis on co-ordinating and integrating the work were are all doing to address local issues.

Crime rates in the area have been dropping and councillors did not want to see them start to rise again, Chief Supt Money has said the police want to keep these positive figures going.

“The Morley wards have seen some very significant reductions in crime. Last year there were 199 less victims compared to the previous year. House burglary was cut by 8.7 per cent, robbery by 36 per cent and overall serious acquisitive crime was down 5.7 per cent.

“We are confident that by working even more closely together in ward-based teams we will continue to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and respond more effectively to the unique demands of each individual area.” Leeds City Council has not yet made a decision on numbers with the West Yorkshire Police.