Police tackle malicious vandalism in Churwell

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Morley’s neighbourhood policing team have met with two local groups to discuss ways to tackle a spate of vandalism that has affected an area of the town in recent weeks.

Friends of Springfield and Churwell Environmental Action Group met officers on Friday after reports of malicious damage being caused to the park and Clark Spring Woods.

Problems have been ongoing in the area since July, when bird feeders, fences and footpaths were first found to have been deliberately vandalised.

Police are increasing patrols to try and confront the problem and are also using school liaison officers in a bid to engage nearby schoolchildren and young people with the surrounding areas and involve them in maintenance work in the woods and park.

Coun Robert Finnigan who was also present at the meeting said: “These mindless acts of vandalism need to be stopped as soon as possible.

“Both groups work hard to keep their areas in excellent shape and rely on volunteers to undertake the work that needs doing. We are joining with the police to sort out a plan to reduce this criminal damage.

“If we get local young people involved in maintaining these areas then they are likely to send a clear message to the vandals that their behaviour won’t be tolerated. This is an excellent way to reduce vandalism and gives young people a positive role.”