Police warn lock your bike or lose it

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With the Tour de France just around the corner Leeds Outer South NPT are appealing to the community to be ‘En Garde’ in terms of pedal cycle security.

Crime reduction officer Chris King has issued some tips to help cyclists keep hold of their bikes and out of the hands of thieves.

He said: “Always ensure you bike is secured away when not in use and with a lock conforming to BS 12320 or above, preferably Gold Standard.”

Mr King said that just by keeping your bike in a garage doesn’t mean it is safe from being stolen.

“If you are keeping your bike in a shed or garage make sure you have a substantial lock fitted and use it,” he said.

“Ground anchors, set into cement, are essential for securing your bike and an n excellent way of thwarting the thief .

“My best tip is to keep your pride and joy a secret.

“Don’t publicise your bike on social media as it lets the thief know you have it”

For further crime prevention advice from your local police officers, visit www.westyorkshire.police.uk.