COLUMN: Andrea Jenkyns MP - A remarkable fortnight of politics

Andrea Jenkyns MP
Andrea Jenkyns MP

It has been a truly remarkable couple of weeks in British politics.

Having campaigned hard for a ‘Leave’ vote in the referendum on June 23, I was absolutely over the moon when we won not only in Yorkshire and the Humber, where I led the campaign, but also across the United Kingdom with over 17 million people voting to take back control from Brussels.

It was a momentous night for our country.

I feel very strongly that we can look forward to a brighter, more prosperous and outward-looking future, reasserting our place as a global trading nation.

There has been a little turbulence since the vote.

Though nothing on the scale that had been suggested by those in the ‘Remain’ campaign.

I am delighted that the markets have now recovered.

The FTSE 100 is now higher than it was before the referendum, and the FTSE 250 has not fallen as far as it did when there was a chance Ed Miliband would be moving into Downing Street!

Countries are also lining up to strike free trade deals with the UK, including some of the world’s largest economies like India, South Korea and Australia.

The Chancellor has rightly decided that the best response is not to punish those who chose to vote to leave with regressive tax hikes and reductions in investment.

Instead he has chosen to cut taxes for businesses to make the new, revitalised UK an exciting and attractive places for businesses to invest and grow.

I am sure he will be working flat-out with the Governor of the Bank of England to secure our economy and prepare for the changes ahead.

I support him in those efforts.

The result was however tinged with sadness.

I would be lying if I didn’t say I felt very keenly the emotion surrounding David Cameron’s resignation.

He led us to victory in the election last year when I had the honour of being elected to represent Morley and Outwood and he has worked tirelessly to be an excellent Prime Minister.

Under his leadership the country is in an unimaginably better place than when the coalition came to power in 2010.

He has spearheaded revolutions in all parts of British life, from education to lower taxes for the lowest paid.

Britain is strong thanks to him and he will be sorely missed as our leader by every Conservative MP.

We must though look to the future.

We have our instructions from the British people, and they are to take Great Britain out of the European Union.

Our next leader must be determined to deliver the best deal for Britain.

I will do my level best to hold them to their word and ensure that they are indeed doing a good job for our country.

It will be for the membership to decide on our next leader and our next Prime Minister.

I will do my best to keep you all informed on the race and the choice our Party makes.