Morley and Outwood candidates have their say

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The general election candidates for Morley and Outwood.

Neil Dawson - Labour:

“I am a married father of two and a grandfather and my whole life is based in this community - my family, my friends, my work - so I understand its needs and I understand its people.

Alongside my job as an accountant I have always had a passion for politics - because I see it as the best way to change lives.

But action is what counts so for decades I have put my beliefs to practical use, working voluntarily to help my community. During that time I have learnt how to get things done.

I get involved and I have a good record of delivering: I will work with resident groups and Councillors in Wakefield to protect services and build better communities.

I will be the best possible MP for Stanley, Wrenthorpe, Outwood and Morley because I am fighting to help the many ordinary people in this area, not the wealthy few.

A major threat from the Tories is to pensions: I will fight to keep the Triple Lock so pensions don’t lose their value over time.

I will also do everything I can to stop the terrible Tory plan to take your home in payment for care as you get older. There are much fairer ways.

Don’t believe the Tories: they are not strong and stable, they are weak and mean-spirited.”

Craig Dobson - Lib Dem:

“I am a General Practitioner in Barton upon Humber and the Medical Advisor to the East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group. After leaving comprehensive school I studied Medicine in Glasgow and am married with four children. I have been a card carrying Liberal Democrat for several years and feel passionately about the need for electoral system reform to help re-engagement between voters and politicians. I am a strong supporter of the NHS and intend to preserve and protect this National Treasure, if elected. Now that we face Brexit I want to ensure that we keep as many useful ties to Europe as practical. I support the Green agenda having solar electric and solar thermal power generation installed at the family home. I am a keen supporter of public transport and I would act to ensure that rail and bus services are improved and maintained. I will be campaigning and making the case that anyone who wants to properly oppose a disastrous hard Brexit, protect the NHS, and who wants the United Kingdom to remain open, tolerant and united, the only party to vote for is the Liberal Democrats.”

Andrea Jenkyns - Conservative:

“Through living in Gildersome and speaking to residents throughout my two years as an MP, I have developed a five-point plan for Morley and Outwood showing how, if re-elected, I will work for you.

As the only Brexit candidate I will work to secure the right deal for Britain and our area in the biggest negotiations in a generation.

I came into politics after my father passed due to NHS malpractice. If elected I will campaign to get reselected on the Parliamentary Health Select Committee and I will continue my work with local trusts to fight tooth and nail for our NHS.

I will continue fighting for better transport and roads locally, building on my regular bus surgeries and on the investment I have secured for Morley and Outwood train stations.

I will continue to fight Labour’s approved plans to build 74,000 homes in our area, recklessly saturating our services and destroying our Greenfields without consideration.

Our Local Authorities, ran by the same party for too long, have got complacent and are not delivering for the people. I will continue to hold Councils to account on all issues, from Newmarket Community Stadium, to community matters such as Stanley Community Centre.

As I work on the campaign I will be phoning, door knocking and delivering my leaflets to hear your views and see how I can help. I will be joined by my new born son Clifford, so come and say hello.”