Price cut makes diesel cheaper than petrol

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Supermarket giant Asda has announced another cut in its fuel prices meaning diesel is now cheaper than petrol.

The company has announced it has lowered the price of diesel by two pence per litre to 112.7 pence per litre and drivers will pay no more than 114.7 pence per litre for unleaded.

Simon Williams, RAC fuel spokesman, said: “This latest price cut means we are now well on the way to seeing a UK fuel price flip – where the average price of diesel is, quite rightly, cheaper than unleaded at the pumps. This move should be the catalyst to bring the average price of diesel down from 118.98p per litre to below unleaded’s current price of 117.24p per litre.

“RAC Fuel Watch records show diesel was last cheaper than petrol 15 years ago on 17 July 2001 so it’s great news for the 10.7m diesel car drivers.

“15 years ago when this happened last diesel was cheaper than petrol for two and a half months, but with a new supply of diesel being produced from Saudi Arabia there is real chance that we may see the diesel price staying below petrol for some considerable time.”

Andy Peake, Asda’s senior director for petrol, said: “Asda cutting another 2ppl on diesel is great news for our drivers, meaning they will pay no more than 112.7ppl at any Asda forecourt, every single one of our customers knows the maximum price they will pay at the pump regardless of where they live.