Pupils get a fun lesson in road safety

Picture Ref: AB071c0216
Picture Ref: AB071c0216

Pupils at Woodkirk Academy learned some hard facts about road safety and young people from a visiting theatre group.

Streetwise theatre group had a specific aim of educating Year 7 pupils about the risks associated with being a young pedestrian as part of a learning session in conjunction with Safer Roads West Yorkshire and Think!

Pupils were surprised to hear that children under the age of 16 are one of the most vulnerable road users and account for the majority of child casualties.

They heard how in 2014 there were 16,727 road casualties amongst 0-15 year old children with 1,457 resulting from pedestrian casualties.

Nearly 300 pupils were entertained for an hour by a cast of three who had many ways in which to get their message across in a fun and imaginative but serious way.

The performance raised awareness of the risks young people face as a pedestrian, increased their knowledge of how to remain safe when using the roads and encouraged the use of school crossing patrols, zebra crossings and traffic light crossings.

After the presentation pupils took part in follow-up activities, which were even more thought provoking, encouraging them to consider how to be a safer pedestrian.

To find out more about Safer Roads West Yorkshire, visit www.roadsafetygb.org.uk